6th Annual Toy Drive tickets on sale!

The Alpaca Gnomes will be hosting their 6th annual Toy Drive benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern CT!

This year the event will be held at Wall Street Theater in Norwalk, where the Gnomes opened 2019 with their Album Release show! This will be the last Gnomes show of 2019!

tickets on sale here:

a portion of advanced ticket sales will be used towards the Toy Drive.

reduced admission will also be available with the donation of a toy on the day of the show


Road Jam Music Fest- Two Roads Brewery June 22

Once again we are excited and honored to be a part of Road Jam Music Fest put on by our friends at Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford!

its always a great time and they put together another stellar lineup this year!!

We’ll be a part of the Saturday show.

friday: The Motet, Drop Party

Saturday: Matt and Kim, Spafford, Ripe, The Alpaca Gnomes, Harsh Armadillo, Soul Case

tickets here: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftickets.beerfests.com%2Fevent%2Froad-jam-music-festival%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0q563GM-pcP5emvBEZTuxsPC-nzRRkMPz4PHtDumK2ZrkVLqNUkoGB0Sw&h=AT3sbp5QOgSkcH03xggypcFMU8U0jFUuhRPEavWHWCNlCsUeKDMYZmIWP7lWc-PffA94ef1WTokjE_QwFHy2nEwMBaXmZQ6NTh27JBYaSTIc8KXBL1ZBoVHM4bJ8ETrfwGflV0XoyMiY2-3_cvpcCzEk_n4skeUm53m_dmbpnsCkOJ-1nbtmk0ASufYEbPd_uUtwHyvfWLUBg0-KlMVBCB3CWRGj9RdjybaO82sk6nyg5vHD0ZDuCL6c1HbVwQdZH3wmNcuA0EaAhrivBItAF2OAwYGLICDJXYE0CR23pugkPL3rCk0Fvc5hKmQnDOnS6-1HF1xAUIKf4L3-Ki4MF9jV5Tf9UM0-TPweHfb1c-5rnCsakW2v5XQWqW0HTI-awwm9vTpw6H2UJ-OHfKAAIVePnS0V4BJ8EKEcit6FUcBnNkEhi8nxXpibopJIF-xSN5eK1AUjEsyq0hrM1e-ynU8wnmUuFI46-MrvUXJKksbmWt5cd8sFVZ-vRZkhTePfRJ2XA22Prcq_tlL2hTRJw0zPxEH86pfJrxjDP5vH_KhUEe8mbNg_Y8m1Ms2CtX2_8kERRfndOMB3er0UdG0oDYyyE3hzCFptNAcbmHHT3ZWwjqPxtve05Ej38D-X4i-WF4K8lcQ

New Show: Sunday Buzz at Cafe Nine March 24th

We’ll be bringing the full band to the Sunday Buzz at the “musicians living room” aka Cafe Nine in New Haven for the 31st anniversary party of the Local Band Show which airs on WPLR! Hosted by Frank Critelli, the Sunday Buzz is an rock n roll matinee music series, put on at Cafe Nine every Sunday.

Among the Acres out of Hartford will also be on the bill.


Riverfront Music Revival Announcement!

We are excited to be on the lineup for the inaugural Riverfront Music Revival Festival taking place on June 9&10th in downtown Shelton, CT! We will be performing on Sunday June 10th and are excited to be sharing the stage that day w Brother Joscephus + The Love Revolution and Gangsta Grass! Looking forward to catching sets by Ripe, Jay Russell and the Split Coils, Haunting Titans, Creamery Station and more!


Two Roads Road Jam Music Fest Announcment!

We are excited to be a part of the Road Jam Music Fest for the 5th consecutive year! This years fest will take place over to days, Friday June 22 and Saturday June 23, at Two Roads Brewery in Stratford, CT. We will be playing on Saturday afternoon alongside a lineup that includes Lotus, Tauk, Monophonics, Madailia and Lucid Empire. Friday night will be Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Deep Banana Blackout. Get your tickets soon as last years event sold out!